Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you full of “…ble”?

bull Attention educational leaders!

Do you wonder why their feels like a disconnect between you and your teaching staff?

Are you confused as to why the room gets very quiet when you enter?

Would some suggestions about how to re-discover the joys of education that motivated you to join the teaching profession?

May I suggest that you may need to get more “full of …ble”?  Yes, you may need to develop a greater appreciation for “..ble”.

What is “…ble” you ask?  “…ble” can be many things like:

  • AVAILAble – Can teachers find you and talk to you?
  • APPROACHAble – Do you project a genuinely welcoming atmosphere?
  • CAPAble – Are you knowledgeable and current in your area?  Can you get the job done?
  • VISIble – Is your presence felt all over the campus?
  • HUMble – Are you quick to praise and slow to accept it?

Feel free to add your own list of “…ble” in the comments section.

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