Thursday, March 31, 2011

Signs that your school may be starting to look back

45-looking_back   Looking back can be useful.  Imagine driving in reverse without looking back.  Not wise. 

Walking down a dark alley?  Probably doing quite a bit of looking back.

Looking back is not inherently wrong.  As a mater of fact, in the right context looking back is an appropriate and wise decision.  It is also important to differentiate between looking back and reflection.  To me, reflection is a powerful tool for personal growth.  As the name implies, you are actually clearing your mind’s eye in order to take a look at yourself and your present situation.  You are literally examining a reflection of yourself in a mental mirror.  Looking back, to me, is a conscious decision to revisit and dwell on the past.  Another pitfall of looking back is that you cannot see what is ahead of you at the same time.  This is because what appears ahead of you is actually behind you – you have just simply chosen to turn your head around.

On the other hand, there are also times when looking back is not the best course of action.  It can cause progress to stop and actually work to discourage new and innovative thinking.

Here are a few signs that your school may be starting to look back.

  • Your budget for chalk is increasing :)
  • It is difficult to articulate your school’s vision for the future.
  • Your new teachers need professional development in how to “do email.”
  • Your student supply list is adding more textbooks and binders.
  • Conversations with other teachers and with parents are mostly about what happened instead of what can or will happen.

Do see any signs that your school may be looking back?  Is it for good reasons or is it impeding progress?

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