Friday, March 18, 2011

Lighting a fire or fanning the flames?

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Practically every effective educator that I have known has had one common quality:

They are passionate about what they do.

Passionate educators are a valuable asset to your school.  These are the inspiring, motivated, team members who are often “leading from the front.”  When I am looking for new faculty members, evidence of being passionate about teaching is one of the foundational elements that I need to see in order for a candidate to move on in the hiring process.

Passionate educators also seek to surround themselves with other passionate educators.  Schools staffed with passionate educators are largely active, engaging, and positive places that demonstrate an obvious student-centered mission.

However, passion that is misguided by unfocused leadership can soon transform itself from a positive force for student achievement to a fanatical movement operating on the “lunatic fringe.”

Educational leaders should remember to identify their most passionate people and find appropriate ways to include them in efforts to move the school forward.  This is particularly important during the change process.  Passionate educators care deeply about their students and their schools.  They are a source of great energy and are often the voice many parents and community leaders have come to respect.

In leading our schools, let us be wise enough to know the difference between” lighting a fire and fanning the flames.”

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