Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Revisiting Yearly Goals During the Holidays

The holiday break is rapidly approaching.  How will you use this time away from your students and school?

One suggestion: review your yearly goals and prepare for the second half.

Earlier this year, I blogged advice for setting goals.  In that post, I offered a three-part test to help with goal setting:

  1. Is the goal appropriate (in other words, is it ambitious enough to be considered an actual achievement)?
  2. Is the goal realistic (is it something you can honestly achieve if you follow an appropriate plan of action)?
  3. Is the goal flexible (can you adjust the goal to account for early achievements)?

When you review your goals, re-apply these three items and make any necessary adjustments.  When re-viewing, I have found a reverse application of the three above questions to be most effective.  For example:

  1. Have you achieved your goal(s) already?  If so, can you add a layer to the original goal?
  2. If you have not achieved your goal(s), have you made noticeable progress towards achieving it?  Are you on track for completion?  Is your plan of action still appropriate?
  3. Finally, if your goal(s) are well behind schedule or if you haven’t seen much progress at all, is the goal(s) still relevant?  Can adjustments be made to account for some progress or have you realized, in hindsight, that these goals are currently unrealistic?

Remember, appropriate goal setting and achievement is a large part of satisfaction and motivation.  You have the ability to chart this course.

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