Monday, December 20, 2010

Leadership as an Organizational Quality: Points for Reflection

The following reflection points are taken from:

Leadership as an Organizational Quality – by Rodney T. Ogawa and Steven T. Bossert


  • “Leadership flows through the networks of roles that comprise organizations.”
  • “The medium by which leadership is exerted is social interaction.”
  • “Thus the currency on which leadership is based lies in the resources possessed by individuals.”
  • “Administrators are instrumental in adopting structures to mirror cultural rules in the environment.”


Schools are complex organizations.  As such, school leaders play a vital role in establishing the ethos of the school as an organization.  Highly effective school leaders are able to make sense of the complexity presented by the school’s organizational factors.

Often school leaders are concerned with individual needs and work to align those needs with the goals of the school as a whole.  In order to do so, leaders must appreciate and act on the highly social nature of their positions.

What are your thoughts on the points offered above?

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