Friday, December 10, 2010

Great Schools and Great Teachers: Student Opinions

Today, I decided to do some very informal qualitative research concerning student perceptions of schools and teachers.  In other words, I walked around and asked students to complete the following 2 sentences:

1.  Great schools …..

2.  Great teachers….

Here are the responses I received.


Great schools…

Great teachers

6th grade achieve goals interact with students
  build community answer tough questions
  succeed give clear answers
7th grade understand teach
  teach listen to students
  learn answer
  educate help students learn
  help have fun
    allow creativity
8th grade make great students help students do well
  provide education understand students
  help students achieve long term goals do not rely on slides, they teach
  are safe havens for learning prepare students
  have excellent morale do not pick favorites
  achieve excellence allow for play
  prepare students allow snacks
    take advice

What would your students say when asked these questions?

Feel free to add comments with your own results.

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