Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blackboards and TV’s: “Inappropriate” or “Ineffective”

A few years back, my family and I were living in a house that had a built-in entertainment center area in the living room.  In the middle of this built-in, was a space large enough for about a 40+ inch television set.  At the time, we had not decided to buy a new set and were still using our older 27-inch tube TV.

One day we were watching a football game with my brother-in-law who announced that watching such a set in the space provided was “inappropriate.”  Now, I must confess that I was happy to hear his comment because I had been hoping to replace the set with a newer one, but I thought his choice of words was strangely effective.  The set did appear “inappropriate.”  It worked fine.  The game was clearly watchable.  Everything about the set was issue-free, except that it looked “inappropriate” given the space and technology available. 

It was “inappropriate”, not “ineffective.”

The feelings I had that day faded.  I eventually got a newer, larger LCD TV.  Not until recently have I had such a response to something I saw.  Again, the response being “inappropriate”, not “ineffective.”

I got it while making the rounds in my building and saw one of our teachers using the blackboard in his room to teach a lesson.  Now, I am not advocating that he needed an interactive board or using his laptop/LCD projector, what I am saying is that the feeling was simply a feeling of “inappropriateness” based on the resources at our disposal and the technologies available.

As I prepare to move into 2011, I am wondering if the “inappropriateness” should overcome the “effectiveness” (yes, he is a VERY effective teacher)?

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