Thursday, November 4, 2010

From Expanding Roles to Restructuring

It is not uncommon in schools to have a number of people performing various functions.  It is my experience that many of these people, after a few years, end up spending more time on the expanding role they now play than they do on the original role they were hired to fulfill.  In many cases, these high performers do a very good job of juggling multiple roles.  On the other hand, at some point saturation sets in and good people are faced with extraordinary stressors that can impact the good work they do each day.

As educational leaders, what can we do to help this situation?  I would suggest one possible solution may be found in some strategic restructuring of roles.  If the new responsibilities that have been added are becoming the norm, can you create a new position for that person that is primarily responsible for these tasks while relocating some of the original tasks to a more appropriate office?  Are you as the leader constantly measuring the skills and talents of the teachers while looking for ways to match those skills and talents to the work of the school?

Placing people in the best positions for success is vital to effective leadership.  Often we overlook the opportunities already in place because we do not do enough to appreciate the numerous responsibilities handled each day or are not willing to consider creative and strategic solutions.

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