Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Schools Urged To Teach Youth Digital Citizenship : NPR

Like many educators, I am concerned about the ability of schools to keep up with the demands of our technological world.  Obviously, the nature of social interactions has changed permanently and our schools must recognize their role in promoting positive digital citizenship.

A few years back, I was hired to lead a new all-boys independent school.  We opened with grades PK-2nd.  In one of my first curricular decisions, I insisted on beginning a technology course of study in PK.  The core of this program was teaching digital responsibility.  There was some push back from a few parents who were not sure if their child should be exposed to a computer at all at the early grades, but I simply said that our students will be exposed to the internet and other technologies well ahead of when we were.  I asked whether these parents would rather their student learn about such things at a friends house under looser supervision or at school with a teacher in a safe environment.  After that, the program was widely accepted and it became a part of our core curriculum.

Schools may not be able to keep up with all the technological advances, but that is to a reason to ignore our responsibility to help develop good citizens – both in the real and virtual world.

Schools Urged To Teach Youth Digital Citizenship : NPR

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