Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Private School Strategies for Success – Taking It Personally

In another segment addressing some strategies for success for private school teachers, I offer the following advice:
“Take It Personally.”
Many teachers invest themselves in their craft.  When their lessons work, they are humble.  When the lesson doesn’t quite work out, they are disappointed.  My current strategy goes beyond the reaction to a thoroughly planned lesson. 
Taking it personally also refers to investing time in getting to know your students well and valuing this knowledge of your students as part of your professional responsibility.
Taking it personally is also the reminder that every teacher in private school chose that school.  They were not assigned.  Therefore, the mission of the school must have struck a chord with the teacher.  Often, in the stress of school life, it is very helpful to take a moment to reflect on what attracted you to your current position and to figure out if that same desire to serve that school’s mission exists.
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