Monday, October 4, 2010

More Items for Reflection for Educational Leaders

Here are a few more reflection points for educational leaders.  Feel free to comment – even if you are not an educational leader, but also if you find yourself in any leadership position.  Simply apply to your own field.


We Need Noncoercive Lead-Management from the State Superintendent to the Teacher by William Glasser

  • “…teachers as well as administrators are burdened with a method of management that limits their ability to succeed…” (Pg. 28)
  • “Quality always leads to increased productivity.” (Pg. 30)
  • “There would be no coercion, and, therefore, no discipline problems, as they do not occur in a noncoercive atmosphere.” (Pg. 35)
  • “…when there is a dispute between the leader and the worker, the leader makes it clear to the worker that this is a problem they can solve together.” (Pg. 36)
  • “Therefore, the essence of good managing is caring and hard work.” (Pg. 37)
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