Sunday, September 26, 2010

Schools not making the grade, poll shows - Education Nation -

While the survey results are cause for some concern, the discrepancy between overall ratings and local system ratings is not surprising at all.  For example, Congress is receiving poor satisfaction ratings nationally, but when asked about their own representatives, most people are much more optimistic.  Case in point, this survey lists elected officials as the most to blame.

It was good to see that teachers wee not universally blamed for the issue, but rather the most important factor in making it better.

Unfortunately, teachers (as a whole) are not the best resource a school has at its disposal – the best trained, most passionate, and most dedicated teachers are the best resource.

Also, the school will only be as good as its leadership.  Whether at an administrative level or in the faculty lounge, we need to develop a stronger leadership capacity among our faculties.

Schools not making the grade, poll shows - Education Nation -

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