Monday, September 20, 2010

Intellectual Capital, Seizing Upon Good Ideas, and Taxing the Energy of the Faculty

Mobilizing the faculty and staff to develop, nurture, refine, and maintain an environment conducive to success in schools should be done so with efficiently and sensitively.  A great deal of effort goes into making a wonderful school.  Much of this effort is spent in exercising the mind and calling upon the intellectual capital each teacher has built up over the years.  In a competitive educational climate, any area of the school that can be improved, refined, made more efficient, or provides greater value to the student and the family is critical.

Therefore, the leader needs to be aware of and ready to act upon good ideas as they are presented.  That is not to say that “anything goes” but rather when opportunity presents itself, one must be ready to act.  Schools also need to be on the lookout for opportunities presented to them from other schools.  One of the great things about great learning institutions is that they are always learning from others.  Expending countless hours in meetings to find a “unique” solution can often be counter-productive if, by doing a little  research, you can get a workable solution from modeling another school’s idea and shaping into one that fits your specific situation. 

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