Saturday, August 21, 2010

Empowerment and Capacity through Delegation

One of the most effective methods of building leadership capacity in a school is to look for and appreciate the skills, enthusiasms, and talents that school personnel bring with them each day.  Often, many professional educators have abilities and interests that go beyond their most important role – classroom instructor.  As an educational leader, it is important to find ways to empower these professionals with appropriate opportunities that serve the school’s mission and develop leadership capacity throughout the staff.  With clear guidance and support (not to be confused with the dreaded “micro-managing”), the school leader can empower others to advance the school’s mission and, thus, begin to develop a team of highly capable team leaders.

It should be noted though that the leader, with whom ultimate responsibility rests, needs to approach such opportunities prudently.  Delegation of authority and opportunities for leadership building need to match up with the right persons.  In the end, correctly matching the school’s needs with the strengths and talents of individual staff members has the potential to empower the staff to develop their professional skills.  Ultimately, an empowered staff of team leaders who can advance the mission of the school is likely to develop.  

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